If you missed out on some of the action, here’s a quick summary to fill you in!
Written by JoeBogo, Grace and Jamie 

The holiday week began with the Jaded Haters

A groovy clarinet solo by the Jaded Haters

The Jaded Haters kicked of the Holiday weekend with their unique blend of funk and rock. The band traded off between strong vocals, solid guitar playing and an impressive horn section, playing two full sets plus an encore. And for the first time, the T-Bar stage had seven musicians at once, marking another milestone for our new intimate nightclub. Despite the heavy snowfall, there was a decent turn out and a good time was had by all. 

Totally awesome dance party with New Wave Crave

Tainted Love by New Wave Crave

Posted by T-Bar Social Club on Saturday, November 24, 2018


New Wave Crave treated us to our first legitimate 80’s dance party. The talented trio played favorites from The Clash, Depeche Mode, David Bowie and many more. New Wave Crave had the whole set up with lights, a video screen, electric drums and even a headless bass. This themed concert was a must-attend show for anyone wanting to bust out their 80’s clothes and the June Lake Loopers represented.

Outlaw country artist Gethen Jenkins captivated the crowd with his powerful voice

Gethen Jenkins and Bob Ryan hypnotizing the crowd. Photo by Grace.

On Saturday night, the Loop was treated to a memorable performance by Gethen Jenkins and surprise guest Bob Ryan. Two cowboy hats, one epic beard and two guitars generously took the stage for more than two hours and it was immediately clear the two gentlemen enjoyed playing together. Jenkins played every song with heart and ease while his incredible voice filled the air. Ryan followed along with multiple impromptu solos and fills.

Like the true gentleman that he is, Jenkins literally shook every person’s hand in the room during his set break and again after the show and undoubtedly made the whole crowd into fans. Even Bob Ryan eagerly thanked many people for supporting live music. It was a humbling experience to be in the presence of such modest and talented musicians.

The weekend concluded with a motivating talk from Todd Offenbacher

Todd Offenbacher in his bodybuilding days, as he reminded us “It was the 80’s.” Photo taken from Todd’s presentation.

Todd Offenbacher, a world-class climber, skier and funnyman, kicked off the T-Bar Social Club’s Adventure and Inspirational Speaker Series. The audience was full of many local and Tahoe/Truckee adventurers. Todd energetically and hilariously shared some of his life’s accomplishments and recipes for success. Todd’s stories included his exotic travels to Norway, Antarctica and Pakistan as well as many places in between to ski, climb and make films.

Despite his many athletic successes, Todd stressed that it’s not how hard you ski or climb, but rather who you were with and the experiences you share. Todd also offered great advice, both in regards to sports, and life in general to “Never complain, and never give up.” At the end of the day, it is not our complaining that makes us successful, but our persistence. 

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