Catch a ride and see Award-Winning Country Artist Gethen Jenkins

If you haven’t heard already, the T-Bar Social Club is teaming up with Mammoth All-Weather Shuttle (MAWS), to provide a safe alternative to drinking and driving. Departing Vons Parking Lot in Mammoth at 8 pm, the 14 passenger shuttle will whisk you away to June Lake’s newest gathering place.

Have you ever been driving and said to yourself, “Man, I really shouldn’t be driving right now.” If you have, please do NOT ever do that again (even just a little). While it might be tempting to drink while having a good time and especially at a show, driving under the influence is dangerous to you and more so to others. So, rather than calling that cute girl/boy you just met and asking for a favor (probably more than one), just spend a measly $10 to make your mama proud.

MAWS shuttle gearing up to take passengers from Mammoth to June this weekend

Additionally, sometimes driving in the dark isn’t fun, especially when it seems like the deer are trying to get insurance money. Driving can be a hassle, but don’t let it stop you from seeing quality entertainment with a loved one. When was the last time you truly enjoyed a car ride? It would be hard not to feel a little fancy in one of MAWS’s premium shuttles. Let MAWS and the T-Bar Social Club help you out. And when you help yourself out, you help everyone out.  

Meet in the Vons parking lot at 8 pm to catch the shuttle

If you are having trouble deciding what to do after this Thanksgiving holiday, try making an appearance at the T-Bar Social Club to see award-winning singer-songwriter, Gethen Jenkins. Give thanks to this veteran, who served eight years in the US Marines. Jenkins has quite a track record of creating a spectrum of great outlaw country music, ranging from partner-twirling sing-alongs to heart-wrenching ballads that anyone can relate to. This man’s vocals and guitar plucking is something special to hear live. After all, he has been honored with the Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year awards at the California Country Awards. Click here to hear and learn more about Gethen Jenkins.

Join us for an intimate performance with Gethen Jenkins. Photo courtesy of his Facebook.

Click here to get more information about the shows and to view the brand new Loop Cam. 

If you have any questions please ask in the comments. We hope to see you in the Loop!

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