Open mic night a success, becomes a bi-monthly event

Roland Ruby, courtesy of Gallery 158

Last month, the T-Bar Social Club held an impromptu Open Mic Night. Hosted by the personable Mike McGuire, a noticeably high level of musical talent showed up to rock out and have some fun.

Many of the entertainers expressed excitement after hooking into our state-of-the-art sound system. Sound technician Rob Marshall did an amazing job juggling the different musicians and their various instruments (and even took a turn banging the skins).

1st Edition of the T-Bar All Stars

The evening was filled with a wide range of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone and ukulele. Some of the musicians even joined together on stage and performed impressive improvised jams. At times, it appeared as though these musicians had been playing together for decades.


Sara McConnell performs Blue Bayou.

After seeing a roomful of smiling musicians and music lovers, we concluded the show must go on.

We will be hosting our next “Open Mic Night in the Loop” on Wednesday, December 5th. Then beginning January 9th, we will host one every other Wednesday night, beginning around 7 pm. Click here for a fullĀ list of our upcoming events.

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