Like everyone else, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently. I have been reflecting back on all the amazing musical talent that has graced the T-Bar stage. Last summer, I posted about my top 10 Concert Moments to Date. Since then, we have hosted a plethora of genres from Pop Opera to Death Metal and everything in between.

Without further ado, here is the next batch of goodness:

#10 Intimate Solo Performances by Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms, Todd Sheaffer of Railroad Earth and Tim Bluhm of Mother Hips – Getting the opportunity to see a lead singer of a big band in an intimate setting is a real treat. Not only did these legendary Front Men perform some great songs we all know and love, but they all shared fun and interesting stories.


# 9 The return of Nappy Roots – The much anticipated return of these legendary southern Hip Hoppers did not disappoint. Here’s a little behind the scenes that you may appreciate. When we were about to start the show, I went to the Green Room but could only found half the band. When I asked the fellas were their fellow bandmates were, they just shrugged their shoulders. I then scoured the whole building and found the upstairs (in the unfinished part of the building) having their own pregame preparation. It is safe to say that Skinny DeVille, B. Stille, Ron Clutch and Fish Scales are all quite the characters.

#8 The Alligators Jam Fest After Party – Every summer, the Mono Arts Council puts on a killer music festival in Gull Lake Park. So of course the T-Bar had to host the welcome and after parties. On Saturday night of the festival, The Alligators took the stage around midnight to a sold out, festive crowd. It was the quintessential after party and we look forward to continuing the tradition for this year’s 6th annual Jam Fest on September 11 to 13, 2020.

#7 The Hairfarmers End of Summer Bash – We decided to have a party for the locals the day after Labor Day to celebrate the end of the summer. Whistler’s original party band just happened to be returning from Burning Man and we were able to get them to perform at the T-Bar before heading back to Canada, eh. Greg and Doug have a huge catalog of songs and took requests all night long. Many locals in attendance told me this was one of the funniest evenings they had in recent memory.

#6 GrooveSession June Lake Winter Jam Fest – The Sanchez Brothers returned to the T-Bar, debuting their new line up. The event was a fundraiser for our non profit partners, the Mono Arts Council and also coincided with the drummer Manny’s birthday. There was a great vibe in the air and then sometime during the second set they played a Pink Floyd mash up that melted everyone’s mind.

#5 Gene Evaro, Jr – Gene and his band brought the funk and soul to the Loop. I would describe Mr Evaro as a combination of Jimi Hendrix, Prince, but with a style all his own. These guys are super talented and I would not be surprised if this group ends up playing arenas and stadiums one day.

#4 Zach Deputy – This show was another example of booking a national touring act on a Tuesday night, who happened to be routing through the area. The amount of music outputted from just one person was off the charts. Mr Deputy is truly a one man party and we hope he returns with his signature “Island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul” some day.


#3 Pato Banton – I’ve been seeing Pato perform since way back in the day. “I do not sniff the coke, I only smoke the sensimilla” has been a personal favorite for many moons. So when we had a chance to book this international reggae icon, we jumped all over it. Pato’s messages of positivity where just what the doctor ordered. A personal highlight was after the show, when he helped my wife and her daughter across the icy parking lot. Pato is a true gentleman.


#2 Los Hermanos Arango – Thanks to our friends at Mono Market, each month we host a World Rhythms Music Series. Out Talent Buyer booked a family of 4 from Cuba, along with their backing band of seasoned veterans. The siblings (3 brothers and 1 sister) all had extensive jazz and musical upbringings and were amongst the most talented, tightest bands to perform. As a bonus, it snowed that evening and none of Los Hermano Arango had seen the white stuff before.

#1 Scott Pemberton Electronic Power Trio –  Another national touring act we were able to pick off on a midweek night, the Power Trio rocked the house as much as anyone ever has. While it is widely known Mr Pemberton can do things with the guitar that no one else can, his fellow band mates also crushed it. These guys were on fire and played 4 sets of top notch music until after 1 am, which was especially impressive since we were sandwiched between San Diego and Santa Barbara shows.

Once this world resets from the Corona Virus Pandemic, we look forward to bringing back quality live entertainment to June Lake. In the meantime, we wish you and your families health and sanity during this crazy time.


Balanced Rock Saloon