As we blaze through the summer with over 50 shows scheduled, I called a time out to reflect on my most memorable live music moments so far. As you may know, the T-Bar Social Club opened in October 2018 and we continue to book high quality entertainment that typically play much bigger venues. Here are my top ten:

#10 The Sextones – Our Grand Opening happened to coincide with a Halloween and everyone including the band came dressed for a good time. We literally received our final building inspection a few hours before show time (talk about cutting it close) and were scrambling until the doors opened. The show went off without a hitch and the Sextones set the tone of good times to come.

#9 Mestizo Beat – Our Talent Buyer warned us these guys were going to crush it. The six piece group of talented musicians have a special knack for jamming off one another and you can’t help but to boogie down. As a bonus, they are the only band to play 3 encores to date. Any upcoming bands reading this, consider this a challenge!

#8 Jahmark and the Soulshakers – We got lucky and were able to book a legit reggae act for our first annual 420 Party. Jahmark and the Soulshakers are an amazing group of veteran musicians who know how to deliver Irie vibrations.

#7 Dead Winter Carpenters – DWC played our first ever two night run and were our second ever sell out over the Christmas holiday. With a mix of locals and tourists, the positive vibes and dancing was infectious and a good time was had by all.


#6 Jelly Bread – The Eastern Sierra favorite party band hold the distinction of being the only band to sell out the T-Bar Social Club twice. Their first sell out was our fourth ever show and was a memorable night in the new chapter of Eastern Sierra live music. I also learned the hard way that just because guests want to buy the owner a drink, the owner doesn’t need to drink all of them.

#5 Metalachi – Last winter the Eastern Sierra had an intense series of blizzards. Anticipating an upcoming storm, we suggested the band travel a day early. They arrived several hours before Highway 395 closed. By showtime, June Lake was cut off from civilization in both directions and a significant percentage of the town’s population showed up for a semi-private memorable concert dubbed “Blizzardachi.”

Metalachi’s tour bus


#4 Lacy J Dalton – We somehow were able to book Country Hall of Famer and Royalty for a very intimate show. Ms Dalton is the consummate professional and stayed after the show to sign autographs for many pf her long time fans. The highlight of the evening for me was when she covered the Grateful Dead’s Friend of the Devil.

#3 Tim Bluhm – A bit of a homecoming, Tim’s family has had a home in the Loop for many years. We hosted our first sold out seated show and Tim brought down the house. After the show, Mr Bluhm set up shop at the VIP booth and mingled with many of his adoring fans.

#2 SambaDá – We host a World Rhythms Music Series, presented by Mono Market. Each month we bring a different Genre of Global Music. SambaDá served up some high energy Brazilian music and the Congo Line was out in full force. I would rank this up there are most energetic dance party to date.

#1 Nappy Roots – The irony of this is I’m not a Hip Hop fan. However, the Kentucky based legendary band tore it up. I was told by many Hip Hoppers that this was the best show they had ever seen. We also broke a record for attendance and sales that evening while further cementing our reputation as a Destination Venue.

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Balanced Rock Saloon