Written by Joe and Grace

On November 10, 2018 Jelly Bread sold out the T-Bar Social Club for the first time. The intimate venue was filled with excited locals from Mono City to Bishop. The four-piece band gave an interactive performance that had the crowd shaking their booties and singing along all the way through the encore.

From Reno, Jelly Bread was originally formed by extraordinary drummer Cliff Porter and talented guitarist Dave Berry and have been touring around the Eastern Sierra for about ten years. Throughout that time they have gained a strong local following, so much so, that many parents hired babysitters for their children in order to jam with the band. The dedicated crowd immediately took to the dance floor before the first strum and stayed engaged throughout the band’s nearly three hour long performance!

The energy in the venue was so welcoming that Jelly Bread showcased their debut song “Mobius Trip”. With what seemed like endless solos from each band member, the gang displayed their enormous talent and played their instruments like butter. Jelly Bread is truly a spectacle to see and hear. The band’s skill seemed to be magnified by the T-Bar Social Club’s state-of-the art sound system and multiple vantage points. 

The atmosphere that the T-Bar Social Club has cultivated is both inviting for any music lover, and perfect for any entertainer that wants to play at a professional and quality venue. The space will be even more inviting once June Pie opens in early 2019. When asked what his favorite pizza is, Jelly Bread’s drummer Cliff, said that he loves chicken, bacon, artichoke with white sauce and ranch. Perhaps this special pizza combo will one day be known as the “Jelly Pie”.  Let us know your favorite pizza in the comments! We hope to see you in the Loop soon!

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