Last weekend was the opening of Fishing Season, aka Fishmas. June Lake went from a quiet town to full capacity in the span of 48 hours. The weather could not have been any nicer and we introduced many new guests to the T-Bar Social Club and June Pie, our tasty New York style pizza June Pie.

Travis Pitt of Dayton, Nevada winner of the Monster Trout Contest. 10 lbs, 10 oz Brown caught in June Lake

Fishmas night, top 40 recording artist Matt Reardon, local guitar hero Josh Mann and Grammy award winner Randy Cantor formed a Super Group and dazzled the audience with a mix of originals and covers. Once again, the T-Bar Social Club hosted high caliber talent that you would typically expect to see in a much larger venue.

Matt, John and Randy bringing down the house 

Part of the allure for entertainment to play a show in the Loop is to get in touch with nature. Most touring bands spend a majority of their time passing through cities and urban settings. Taking advantage of the large Sierra snowpack, Matt hooked up with the local posse and went skiing at Mammoth Mountain.

Matt skiing the Hole in the Wall 

All in all, it was a great Fishmas weekend. Thank you to our guests (new and regular) for your support.

Balanced Rock Saloon