NY Style Pizza in the Eastern Sierra
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June Pie Pizza Co Serves Thin Crust, NY Style Pizza

The most important ingredient for good pizza? HEAT! Our oven cooks your New York style pie in just under 4 minutes at 720 degrees. Based on classic cooking techniques, our crust is perfectly light and flavorful. Our homemade sauce is topped with fresh cheese and high quality ingredients. We have the recipe for success.

Our Oven

Harvested from the stone of the Dolomites in Italy, our Pizza oven began its journey as gravel from the motherland of pizza. After a journey across the Atlantic, it made a brief stop in New York to pick up some knowledge from the mecca of American pizza. Then, after a truck ride across The United States, it delivered here to June Lake. The rotating deck stone oven was assembled by a craftsman and his son and now cooks the best New York style pizza in the Eastern Sierra.

Legend of the June Pie Pizza Oven

Our Ingredients

We make our own dough in house, hand stretch it to order, top it with our homemade sauce created by Chef Doug and fresh mozzarella cheese. Then we add high quality meats and vegetables to create your favorite signature pies!

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